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18 years ago I was introduced to the audiovisual world, since then, I haven’t stopped enjoying my job, experimenting with very different situations, this has been enormously enriching.


I have been working in television and with renowned production companies,  and I have trained as a cameraman, editor, and director over the last 8 years with documentaries, video clips and corporate Videos


Among my clients there are TV Channels such as: Televisió de Catalunya, Canal+; and production companies as: Minimal Films, Diagonal TV, El Terrat, Polar Star Films, Mediapro or The End Produccions.


I work in all the audiovisual production areas and I’m specialized in the production of documentary films and documentary series.


Nowadays, my interests are focused on direction and productions of contents for TV channels, and production companies.


I am motivated by a devotion for esthetics, and admiration for well explained stories and sinergies and creative feedback from working in a talented team.


I also have a huge interest in the technological evolution which allows the exploration, with increasing freedom, of our creativity in the audiovisual industry.


If you have any comments or questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me.



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